Beauty review: BB creams!

Friday, April 29, 2011

BB Creams! I'm sure BB creams (Short for Blemish Balm) are familiar
to everyone these days, it first became popular after Korean Celebrities
revealed that BB creams are their secret to flawless, oh-so perfect skin.

It was known to be a product the dermatologist would prescribe after
their patient went through skin laser procedure.
Because it soothes, protects and provides coverage for post-laser scars.

It's a All-in-One product that combines your moisturizer, essence, sun block, concealer and coverage to hide your blemishes and some BB creams have added benefits like Skin brightening.. oil control, helps reduce the formation of wrinkles..

These days, everyday is a lazy morning for me, so i simply slap on BB creams
and apply a thin layer of loose powder to set the BB cream and i can have flawless, hydrated, sun-protection skin!

It's no wonder why people would choose BB creams over foundations,
after all it's a makeup product with skincare benefits, so why not?

Not only you can hide your blemishes and any imperfections,
it also has healing & skin treatment properties, plus it adapts to the color of your skin tone.
So there's no need to worry about the uneven skin tone of your face and neck
unlike while choosing the color for your foundation,
you have to be very careful to pick the right one.

  1. BRTC Glamourous Sparkling BB Cream SPF36 PA++
  2. Bio Essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25 PA ++
  3. Lancome UV Expert BB Base SPF 50 PA++
  4. Bio Essence Aqua BB Cream
  5. Bio Essence Bio Platinum + Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25 PA ++


A drop of BB cream to test the colour:
  1. BRTC Glamourous Sparkling BB Cream SPF36 PA++
  2. Bio Essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25 PA ++
  3. Lancome UV Expert BB Base SPF 50 PA++
  4. Bio Essence Aqua BB Cream
  5. Bio Essence Bio Platinum + Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25 PA ++

All of the BB Creams above are more yellow/warm toned except
for #03 - Lancome UV Expert BB Base SPF 50 PA++ which has a pink undertone, which might not be suitable for Asians unless for ladies who are blessed
with fair skin.

There are some things that I'd look out for when shopping for a tube of BB cream,
Firstly, i'd look out for the added skincare benefits like:

  • Higher SPF
  • Hydrating
  • Whitening
  • Oil control
  • Anti-aging
  • Medium/full coverage

I might sound greedy wanting all that in one tube of magical cream,
but after all, we all love BB creams because they cut down the amount of products
we pile on our skin right?

SPF, oil-control, medium-full coverage is the most important of all,
of course with whitening & anti-aging properties is a plus!
but having this 3 benefits means i cut down 4 steps into 1 step:
The four steps being Sunblock, Makeup Base , Concealer & Foundation!

Hurray to BB creams creating the perfect flawless skin for me in a matter of seconds!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

beauty review: Falsies & the best falsies glue

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone is always asking me where do i buy my falsies
and what sort of designs do i usually get?

I always go for the natural hair type, they may be more expensive
but totally beats those plastic-ky looking falsies!


I like the shorter on the inner corners and gradually longer on the outer type of falsies like the one on top that i recently bought from Far East Plaza, Level 4.


Best falsies glue i've tried! Much better than the falsies glue like
Ardell or Duo - in my opinion.

Apply a layer of the glue, leave to dry for around 30 seconds - 1 minute,
application is easy breezy!

Here's my falsies application tutorial that i did awhile ago:

PS: Sorry i forgot to mention where i got them!
There's a falsies shop at Far East Plaza, Level 4 when you go up from the escalator from Chippy's British take away, you will be able to see the falsies shop. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Amazon Kindle pink leather case with inbuilt light

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ordered my Kindle Leather Cover with Built-in-Light from Amazon
to protect my darling Kindle a couple of weeks ago, used vpost USA service
to ship the cover over, so all in all plus the shipping i spend around $90
on the leather cover.

Considering the Kindle 3 is only $200 inclusive shipping to Singapore,
the case is damn expensive right? like half price of the kindle itself.


See kindle, i love you so much you better don't die on me!
Cannot live in a world without my romance, mystery, fantasy, thriller books.

Recently read this book, Remembrance - Jude Deveraux
It's so very very romantic, go read it! It's about time travel,
soulmates through different lives. Just plain romantic.

I've read several books written by Jude Deveraux
but Remembrance is truly my favorite.
A knight in Shining Armor, A Mulberry tree, The Summerhouse are all pretty good.



My kindle 3 easily latched on the Kindle Leather cover!


I think the built in light is damn awesome!

I used to have an extra portable light that i can clip on my kindle
and use it when i'm reading in a dark environment, but it's too troublesome
to bring the portable light so i stopped using it.

This built in light is damn awesome cos it doesn't run on batteries but it taps on the battery of the Kindle.

I've saw reviews that mentioned that using the built in light drains the kindle's battery real quick, but so far i have no experience it. Still loving it! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Beauty Review: Eyeliners

Friday, April 22, 2011

Well, we all know that eyeliners are important for defining your eyes.
But do you know the way you draw your eyeliner can shape the look of your pretty peeps?

You can even make your eyes look "rounder and bigger" by shaping your eyeliner
slightly thicker at the middle of your eye.


Elongate the width of your eyes by winging out your eyeliner.


Nowadays, i prefer to use a solid black liquid eyeliner on the upper eyeline,
white eyeliner on the lower outer waterline and brown eyeliner on the lower eyeline.

Heard some good things about the eyeliners from KissMe
- you can get this at Watsons.



This is how to brush looks like, was a little hard for me to get used to initially,
cos the brush picks up too much product, you gotta dab a bit off the brush
before application.

And the brush isn't as sharp and define as compared
to the brush of the Majorlica Majorca eye liner
(got to try it for the first time when i swapped products with Nadnut!)


  • Left: Majorlica Majorca Liquid Liner in Black
  • Right: Kiss Me Liquid Liner in Black

But it's very black, super pigmented (which i like)
and easy to apply after some practice!

This was the first time i tried the KissMe Liquid Liner and i did not dab
on the excess product from the brush and you can see
there was too much product and i couldn't "control" the straightness
of the line very well!


I used to use the brown eye liner from DollyWink,
over time I've sharpen it until it's so short already so i thought
I'd give the new brown pencil liner from Majorlica Majorca a try..


  • Left: DollyWink Pencil Liner in Brown
  • Right: Majorlica Majorca Pencil Liner in Brown

For both of the pencil liner, lasting power is comparable. Both not too bad,
even though i have oily skin it doesn't smudge on me,
love using brown eyeliner for the lower eye line cos it looks
much more natural as compared to black liner!

Ok, that's all.
By the way,
Practice makes perfect. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Nomday #3 Lunch at the museum?!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Went to city harvest mandarin congregation with Daniel last week,
i think i like it more there!
after service went over to wilson house to pick him up,
Junkit was sleeping so we went to science park to have yummy indian foooooooood!

I love Indian food, mad long since i've had it!

By the way, this Indian restaurant is damn weird la,
like the movie Night at the Museum..

Lol, look damn normal like that right..



WTF? Peacock? Horse? Indian charbor? All sorts of weird statues there!!!
Lunch at the Museum instead of Night at the Museum?! LOL


Dancing Indian uncle right beside me.


Some vinegar onion which only daniel liked, wtf was it suppose to be an appetizer?
i loooooove vinegar things but this is really kinda eeeeeeew.


yayyy, Saffron rice, Butter Chicken masala, Mushroom masala & another mutton something that was not in the picture!


Cannot leave out the naan!

Lol, entrusted my darling camera in the indian waiter's hand but...

Picnik collage

Take 1, Take 2, Take 3.. ALL BLUR! Sian. -.-
Lol, more weird statues at the entrance.




Khansama Tandoori Village

They have other outlets other than the one at science park:

Silly me left my bag of tidbits in Daniel's car, we bought it at the
Japanese mart at The Central a couple of week ago wtf.

He said that when his sis saw the bag of tidbits left in the car she commented:
"Errr, must be fidelis one, can't be daniel's!"

Hahahah, all the cutesy yummy candy.


Tropical pineapple hi-chew, Cheeeeese cracker, Rilakkuma candy, Poiful Jelly Bean (my favorite since my secondary school days!) and Strawberry flavored crackers!

Noms! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

I finally got my Driver's Licence!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Woot! After learning driving for 4 months..
took my TP test yesterday for the first try and I PASSED!


Fidelis the road hazard is coming on the roads yo! So BEWARE! Hahahahah

It's kinda funny, got lots of mixed reaction after i posted
on Facebook and Twitter that i got my Driver's Licence..

Most of them were like: "OH CONGRATULATIONS!"
And a couple of: "Wah, when you drive let me know k i won't cross the road" etc!

HILARIOUS! LOL I'm actually quite zai one leh, why everybody so scared! :x

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Save the date: May & Adrian wedding

Guess what i receive in the mailbox today?


Was really curious who is the sender when i saw that he/she obviously put in some extra effort in making the letter prettier!



Mystery solved. Saving my September to fly over to Australia to attend her wedding.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have been pretty much satisfying my craze for Rilakkuma these days,
I honestly don't know why I'm in love with you, Riri.


Rilakkuma candies from leon, Rilakkuma passport cover from Min,
Rilakkuma IPhone 4 cover from Sanrio.

Oh yes i finally went over to the dark side and got an Iphone!
The day my plan was up my mummy went to get an Iphone 4 for me as my advance birthday present. 3 months in advance. Hahahahah

Love you mummy!

Went crazy and bought 2 Rilakkuma Iphone cover from Sanrio,
and a Rilakkuma solar charger.

Wtf, damage caused: $120


It's a preorder so I'm still waiting for this to come, mad cute the ears!



Ahhhh. Cute.


Schedule book Rilakkuma sticker & Iphone Rilakkuma screen protector from Kinokuniya Liang court!


Say hello to my "Rilakkuma-ed" iphone! hahaha

And i went to Vivocity the other day to watch World Invasion,
worst movie choice EVER.

I was half asleep half the time and a total waste of time.
Plus somebody's foot was stinking up the whole movie theater until I wanna faint.

Anyway, bought this Rilakkuma pouch at vivocity
while waiting for movie to start, $30+ if i'm not wrong:



Hello Riri, you're taking care of my darling Panasonic GF-2 from now on.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Beauty review: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

Friday, April 15, 2011

Recently i've been having some pretty bad breakout,
sigh, don't feel like camwhoring when my skin feels like shit. hahaha

Anyway, my colleague Melle swears on the Tea Tree Oil from
Thursday Plantation and she has like the best skin around!
Like THE best skin, damn chio, smooth, porcelain kinda skin.

Envious until i wanna melt, i could only stare at her disbelievingly when she swore that she used to have acne problems. Impossible la!


Anyway, since i was already breaking out, no harm trying it out right?
Since tea tree oil is antiseptic anyway, don't think it can worsen
my breakout anymore than it already is.

Melle taught me to drip 2 drops of the tea tree oil on your cotton pad
with your toner and pat on all over your face, but since I'm using a softener
which does not require me to apply with a cotton pad - gotta improvise myself!

I added two drops on the cotton pad with my Ettusais Dual Shooter
(moisturizer) instead and pat pat pat all over my face.

Hahahah initially the scent of the
tea tree oil is very strong ,
but I'm becoming to like the fresh clean scent although every time my mum comes into my room after i apply it, she asks: Why is there a mosquito repellent smell?!

Anyway, after 1.5 weeks of using it my skin is all cleared up and now
I'm dabbing on my vitamin E on the little scar spots caused by the breakout,
I'm pretty sure the scars will be gone soon!

Will continue to use this product always..
hoping my skin my become as pretty as Melle's! :D

Oh yes, if you'd like to try the Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil too,
you can get it at Watson's !
Hohoho, recently just bought the bigger bottle
to stock up already.

PS: Apparently it's quite hard to find and not available at all Watson,
but "x" commented and said that she found it at the watsons @ vivocity,
so yup, if you're around that area.. grab a bottle! I got mine at IMM thou.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Went to Stereolab a couple of week back with the jmd bunch,
plus daniel and his friends, it was the JAGERMEISTER night with
the hot DJ Charlotte from UK, with a specially concocted JagerMonster and complimentary jagerbombs (my favorite) that night!

Woots, Complimentary bottle of Vodka, compliments from Stereolab (thanks sarah, it was such an awesome night!) plus lots and lots of redbull the entire night.



Gosh i almost NEVER get hangovers, but that night was pretty crazy
I think it's the excessive amount of redbull. LOL

Got high too quickly that night and i didn't take much photos,
Stereolab has two sides, stereolounge which was playing R&B and stereolab
which DJ Charlotte was playing that night!





Say hello to Bryon, who loves to photobomb me, humpf!



ladies night10

Stereolab recently launched their ladies night, on- every wednesday night,pm
other than complimentary free flow drinks from for ladies, they even offer
complimentary platters that will surely make us ladies feel oh-so-pampered!

So make sure to drop by stereolab if you wanna party with your gfs on wednesdays.
So fortunate to be a girl. :D

Oh yes, this is not just anight for the ladies, even for you BOYS you get 1-1 beer ALL NIGHT!

Stereolab is located at Pan Pacific Hotel.

Do like them on facebook to be notified of the latest promotions
and cool events going on:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Advertorial: Heythelove

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sponsored Advertorial:

Outfit of the day!


  1. Cupcake tank top from Bangkok
  2. Chiffon ribbon royal blue skirt/shorts from Bangkok
  3. Long leopard spot print cardigan from HeyTheLove -
  4. Mini pearly 3 layer necklace from Forever21
  5. Nude wedges, not shown here

I love the cardigan!
Really spice up my otherwise plain and boring tank top + shorts look,
keep me warm and looking awesome. (:

Some of their apparels from their latest collection:


Love maxi dresses!



Check out their latest collection here: